Exercise & Rockin’ Vibes!

I have officially speed walked/jogged/run/whatever at least 3 miles a day on the treadmill for three days in a row now, & I Am Kicking Ass With Christmas Boots!!!  What a great feeling!!

I’m young, not at all overweight & I don’t *look* like I’m in bad shape – a fact which inspires within me a sense of real gratefulness, as well as a karmic expectation that I’m suspiciously overdue for an episode in which I just stroke the f#ck over next week.  “Hmmm, she’s jiggly… *tooooo0* jiggly.”  Cue Inception sound effect.

I loathe exercise, but this is a new year & I’m planning to get my shit together a little bit better.  My ability to procrastinate could hold up Charon himself for days…

“Cool it, Char- I just need to find my lipstick.  …K.  I’m also not getting on any boats without snack packs.  Where can I find some Nabs in this joint??  Oh, & I’ll be needing to run & go grab a couple magazines…”  

so I’m really proud of myself for making some kick ass moves & getting off to a great start!  I think most of us usually tend to give ourselves more criticism than praise & most of us could really benefit from a few more pats on the back from ourselves.  It’s healthy, and the better & more balanced we feel within ourselves, the better we are for those around us.  So, on that note, I just wanted to take a minute to trumpet- and hopefully spread- some positivity & self love.

New year, new start, no reason not to spend it kickin’ ass!



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